Cleanse and Firm: A Skincare Regime for Any Age Group

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While Millenials are more worried about what their skin looks like today than 20 years from now, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t benefitting from anti-aging ingredients in skincare products. In fact, women from all age groups are benefitting from the use of anti-aging skin care these days. Of the 73% of women who use any skin care product, 60% want an anti-aging moisturizer, even in a market where the sale of  ‘anti-aging’ skin products has recently dropped by 3%. 

According to an infographic article on, this is only seen as a drop because the ingredients that promote anti-aging are mixed in to products that do other things as well. The article stated that 18% of women aged 18 to 34 , 28% of women aged 35-54, and 30% of women 55 and older actually use anti-aging skincare products (1). Anti-aging skin care products may include ingredients such as: collagen, antioxidents, hyaluronic acid and vitamins. The latest research shows that the women who are picking these products prefer natural ingredients such as plants, natural oil and food-based products. Some ingredients help skin recover from the toxins and dirt in our environment.  

In a world where normal every day exposure to the sun depletes collagen levels in the skin, it is beneficial to everyone to use a product with collagen. This means that things we take for granted in our sun-worshipping youth, like skin elasticity and smooth, firm skin, will inevitably decrease as we get older. Stress, diets (including alcohol consumption), lack of sleep, and even smog can affect our skin. 

In a study done by L’Oreal in 2015,  it was found that ‘some urban pollutants can penetrate deeper skin layers, inducing collagen and elastin breakdown, and the release of free radicals, causing signs of premature skin aging that include cellular damage, dryness, inflammation and pigmentation (2).’ Including specific ingredients in anti-aging skin care products, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, fruit and vegetable juice, with different vitamins help fight the breakdown process and help with the skin’s elasticity and firmness. 

In reviewing two different products with anti-aging ingredients, Lavelier’s Collagen Firming Complex and a cleanser from BIONYX called Simply Milk Cleanser, I was able to change up my skin care routine and give my skin something new to try. Living in a sunny and dry climate near a very busy freeway for quite a few years, I fit the anti-aging skin care package demographic. Although a two-week period is definitely not long enough to give a thorough assessment, the products did impress me and I enjoyed a change in my routine.

Lavelier Collagen Firming Complex

 The Collagen Firming Complex, an anti-aging moisturizer by Lavelier, made a wonderful first impression. It came packaged like a beautifully wrapped gift. The slim bottle was fitted inside the black matte box and the inside of the box was shiny silver chrome, almost like a mirror. The slim bottle is black matte, much like the box, and has a silver textured band like a bracelet around the lid. The word lavalier, written in lower case letters in a matte silver is on the outside of the box as well as on the bottle. It looks very chic and would appeal to any age group.

The main ingredients in this moisturizer are Hyaluronic Acid and Soluble Collagen. It also contains Sunflower Seed Oil which is rich in vitamins A, C, and E. According to an article in Consumer Health Digest, Sunflower Oil has been shown to be effective in ‘alleviating a number of skin conditions including dryness, acne, sun damage and premature aging (3).’

Using the Collagen Firming Complex moisturizer for the first time left my skin soft and smooth. I also put it on my neck and tops of my hands where I see a little bit of wrinkling going on. It was light and easy to apply and had a clean fresh scent that was not heavy or overwhelming. It dried quickly and wasn’t sticky or tight on my skin.  

I was disappointed to find that the pump didn’t work and was actually broken inside. However, it did not stop me from being able to use the moisturizer. After 2 weeks, I found that some of my fine lines seemed to be going away. I especially noticed this on the tops of my hands, probably because I could see it. It still left my skin soft and smooth and feeling hydrated, just like the first time I used it. After reading about the benefits of adding a product with collagen to a beauty regime, I do think I may need to start using a moisturizer with collagen in it. According to dermatologist and skin care expert, Dr. Stefanie Williams, in an article on, you can’t really see results from using Collagen for about 3 months. She says that you can see skin hydration within a day but “changes in collagen metabolism in the dermis take longer to notice (3).”  

My one problem with this product is that it does not contain sunscreen. I have always used a moisturizer with one. Living in a sunny climate, SPF is a necessity whether walking the dog, gardening, or spending a lunch time on the patio at a local restaurant. I generally use SPF 30 in the summer and 15 during the rest of the year. Making sure that I use a moisturizer with sunscreen means that I don’t have to worry if I am out in the sun for any length of time. Even small amounts of time without sun protection is bad for skin. I was surprised to find out that only 46% of women who use moisturizers want sunscreen in them (4). While using this product I also had to add clear zinc to my beauty regime to better protect my skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. All in all, from packaging to the benefit of saving my skin, the Lavelier Collagen Firming Complex is a product I would love to keep using.  

Bionyx Milk Cleanser

The BIONYX Milk Cleanser came in a slightly textured gun metal gray box with shiny silver chrome letters. The package was sleek and clean and simple. It was easy to identify as a BIONYX product because of the Large logo on the box. The contrast in the textures between the box and letters was nice and is not overwhelming or cheap looking. The name, Milk Cleanser, was written in English and French on the box as well as the tube. This was a nice touch, as the cleanser assumes the quality of an expensive French soap by association. The Milk Cleanser comes in a flat white tube with a shiny silver chrome lid that can serve as the base of the product so that it can stand upright. Upon unscrewing the cap, I found that the cleanser was sealed which informed me that nobody had spoiled it yet. It was like a very thick moisturizer and I had to squeeze the tube very hard to make some of the cleanser come out. It smelled like fresh and clean springtime soap.  

The user is instructed to use this product daily and to rub in circular motion all over the face and rinse with cold water. I squeezed some out on my hand and found that it did not foam or bubble very much like soap. It was more like a paste or lotion and did not turn to foam or liquid in my hand easily when water was added. It did not seem to rinse off quickly either, but left my skin feeling soft and smooth and rejuvenated. I was puzzled with its lack of soapy foam and its reluctant rinse, but the result was worth it. There was no tightness that begs for a moisturizer after the rinse and no oily residue either. It was a welcome change to my face washing regimen.  

According to the list of ingredients on the package, the creamy white Milk Cleanser contains vitamins C and E and jojoba and musk oils. The description on the box says that it is designed especially for sensitive skin. Some quick google research showed me a few of the many benefits of using these products, with the most important benefits including: skin protection, cleansing, cell rejuvenation and moisturizing. 

The Milk Cleanser contains several ski-rejuvenating vitamins and oils; Vitamins C and E and also Jojoba and musk oils. 

  • Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an antioxident and helps protect skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Vitamin C helps stimulate Collagen production which slows down as we get older. A couple of more things that Vitamin C helps with is to even skin tones and lighten spots. Vitamin E is another skin superstar ingredient in the Milk Cleanser. This vitamin fights free radicals helping reduce wrinkles and speeds up cell regeneration. 
  • Jojoba oil has antibacterial properties and actually helps to control acne. It also resembles natural sebum and helps regulate the skin’s own oil production. 
  • Musk oil contains Vitamin A, also known as ‘Retinol.’ It is an astringent and has antiseptic as well as antifungal properties.

Using these ingredients every day would essentially renew dull skin and help reduce fine lines.  

The market for skin cleansers has recently grown by 5.4% according to an infographic article on This cleanser would be a welcome addition to a woman of any age. All women would benefit from the ingredients in this product, especially those like me with sensitive skin and a few wrinkles that are a product of my environment more than my age.  

After two weeks of use, I have found that the Milk Cleanser does the job. The jojoba and musk oils in the Milk Cleanser helped my skin daily with their astringent and antibacterial properties. My pores look smaller and my face glows with clean new skin. I have found that it works better in the shower and spreads more evenly over wet skin. My face feels soft and smooth and maybe even a few of the fine lines have diminished. 

The Milk Cleanser is easier to rinse with the stream of water in a shower too. It rinses cleanly and doesn’t leave my face oily or stripped of all moisture requiring an immediate application of cold cream upon leaving the shower. The only problem with this product is that the cleanser is very thick and takes some real effort to squeeze it out of the tube. I do really like the Milk Cleanser because of the way my skin feels when I use it. It feels like I gave it a drink of water from the outside and it somehow soaked it in. I would love to keep using it.  

Today’s skin care product market is changing to meet the needs of Millenials as they make up a larger share of skin care consumers. The sleek packaging and list of natural contents in the Milk Cleanser and the Collagen Firming Complex would definitely appeal to this group of media-savvy consumers. While only 18% of this age group specifically use anti-aging products, they are very likely to use products with such natural ingredients as sunflower and jojoba oil because they contain vitamins and anti-oxidants.

In an interview, Shannon Romanowski, Category Manager at Mintel said “Sales of Facial Cleansers and moisturizers are on the rise, driven by younger consumers who have greater facial cleansing needs brought on by active lifestyles, specific skin concerns and elevated interest in new formulations moving forward the category’s success will rely on younger consumers and the growing facial cleanser segment, with an emphasis on natural, recognizable ingredients.” (5) 

The packaging of both of these products combined with the natural ingredients make them widely appealing to a broad age group. From the Millenials with their media driven knowledge of what natural products are best to the Baby Boomers seeking to restore and replenish their skin to those sandwiched in between, all groups would love them.   


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