It may not sound all that appealing to your taste buds when you first hear about it, but once you hear the benefits of cayenne pepper tea, it’s sure as heck going to be appealing to the rest of you! Cayenne pepper tea is easily made, all you have to do is mix 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper with boiling water, stirring until it is has dissolved. There will be a few flakes floating around, that’s normal, and once you’ve got it to that point, you can add a splash of lemon juice for an added boost. Now that you know how to brew your tea, here are the reasons why you should be drinking it every day.

Cayenne peppers and lemon

Cayenne pepper is great for stimulating your stomach and gastrointestinal tract, helping to sooth your digestive tract and make digestion more efficient. It can help to cure constipation, alleviate intestinal gas, and helps the body metabolize food.

Cayenne pepper can also make your blood platelets less sticky, which helps decrease the likelihood of blood clots. This in turn helps prevent heart attacks and other heart conditions. It can not only help prevent heart disease, but cayenne pepper tea is also sometimes prescribed as a treatment for it. It can also lower your blood pressure, leading to an all around healthier circulatory system and heart!

Weight Loss
Because of the boost to your digestive system, cayenne pepper tea can also help with weight loss. By boosting your metabolism, cayenne pepper helps the body burn fat. A study from Laval University also showed that subjects who added cayenne pepper to their breakfast had less of an appetite, leading to a decrease in calories consumed. So a nice cup of cayenne pepper tea in the morning might just be the solution you need to help you lose weight and keep it off!

A cup of cayenne pepper tea has the strange effect of distracting your sensory nerves and taking away the focus from any pain you might be feeling and giving you temporary relief. It also decreases the chemical substance P, which is what transmits pain signals to your brain. This can help with joint point or migraines, or any other ache or pain you feel.