Last week we helped guide you in how to eat for you blood type according to Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, as he outlines in his book Eat Right For Your Blood Type. To go along with this diet, which is based on the idea that each blood type corresponds to a different evolutionary period (Type O to hunter-gatherer era, Type A to agrarian societies, Type B to nomadic tribes, and Type AB to the modern era), D’Adamo also suggests that each blood type has different exercise regimes that would be the most effective. Just as the diet corresponds to what food would have been eaten by these different peoples, these recommended exercise styles are based on the lifestyle or habits that would have been followed during each different era.

So, here is how you should be exercising according to your blood type:

Type OPeople with this blood type will benefit from vigorous, cardio-heavy activities such as jogging or biking, which emulate the strenuous lifestyle of the hunter-gatherers. It is recommended that these activities be done for up to an hour a day.

Type AFollowing the lifestyle of agricultural farmers who were always planting crops, people with this blood type should opt for less intense, more calming activities like yoga or Tai Chi that focus on your joints and core-strength. It is said that intense workouts (like those recommended for Type Os) will only lead to increased stress levels in Type As.

Type BLike the nomads your blood type corresponds with, you will benefit from staying in a group. Look for group cardio activities that are lower-impact than Type Os, like spin classes or team sports or opponent based sports like tennis or soccer.

Type ABAs a mix of both Type A and Type B, you should look to calming activities like yoga to regulate your mood, but for straight up exercise, opt for even lower-impact exercises like walking or dance.

In addition to D’Adamo’s book, you can check out The Blood Type Workout by naturopathic doctor Joseph Christiano for more information on how to exercise for you blood type.