I work in a busy office, yet I still look fit and fabulous because I exercise. Even if you are working at a frenetic pace at the office, it is possible to do exercises even if your boss asks you to do a lot of things. Yes, it is understandable that your work takes much of your time, but that is not enough of an excuse to keep you from having a healthy body. Before your body gets stressed, make sure to do some exercises to release endorphins, which is the happy hormone. Doing exercises will give you that much-needed energy to last the whole day. I suggest you do these simple exercises for a fabulously healthy body.

  1. Start with body stretching. This is a good way to prepare your muscles for the strenuous work ahead. Begin the exercise by alternately tilting your head towards your shoulders for at least 10 seconds.Staying Fit and Fab with 5 Easy Office Exercises
  2. Loosen up your shoulders to release body aches, increase strength and flexibility. Rotate your shoulders in forward and backward circular motions. Do it at least 10 times.
  3. Make your arms and hands ready for computer work by stretching your arms and wrists. Pull those fingers up, at least for three seconds each.
  4. Don’t neglect your lower parts of the body. Extend each leg straight, while holding one foot off the floor. Flex the ankles while you point your toes up, and then, rotate the ankles in circular motion. Do this routine for both feet.Staying Fit and Fab with 5 Easy Office Exercises
  5. While standing, lift and swing your legs back and forth for 30 seconds. Do it alternately for both legs. Remember, you have to do this in a standing position, so you better hold on to something solid for support. You can even try to reach for your buttocks using your legs’ heels.

There are a lot of exercises you can, but the easiest way to burn those calories is by frequently standing up, fidgeting, having good posture, breathing deeply, and laughing more often. Don’t say you have no time for exercising because with these simple exercises, there’s simply no excuse