Wondering which hair straighteners are used and loved by professional stylists?

While everyone has their own preferences, we’ve noticed Evalectric being mentioned more and more. It’s a brand known for its wide range of colorful and cutting-edge heated styling tools, with these straighteners reputed for being some of the best around.

We spoke to some of the top stylists out there to find out exactly why Evalectric hair straighteners have become their secret weapon.

A Choice of Plate Materials


Hair straightener plates can be made from a variety of materials, each one with its own pros and cons. In order to cater to all hair types, a stylist needs to have a choice of plate materials – something that Evalectric more than provides.

Ceramic plates are among the most popular. You’ll find them on several Evalectric flat iron models, including the Teal Soft Touch Professional 1.25”. Ceramic is known for keeping the appearance of heat damage to a minimum while providing an even and balanced heat.

Ceramic is great but those with super-thick or coarse hair need plates with some extra oomph, which is what titanium is loved for. Again, Evalectric offers a choice of titanium hair straighteners, with the Titanium Pro Lavender being one of the brand’s most popular. 

A Choice of Sizes


When it comes to hair straighteners, one size rarely fits all. Instead, those with thick and long hair do best with wide plates whereas those with fine, thin, or short hair will find it easier to straighten their locks when their hair straightener is on the smaller side.

This is why many stylists stock up on a few different Evalectric models. This enables them to cater to all. The Ultra Turbo Styler, for example, has 1.25” plates that make it a breeze to straighten long and thick hair. Meanwhile, the Mini Classic Styler sits on the opposite end of the scale. With 1/2” plates, it’s perfect for short hair, as well as for bangs. If you’d prefer something in the middle, the Ultra Beauty Titanium Peach comes with 1” plates. 

Adjustable Temperatures

Again, just like when it comes to plate material and size, your hair type should also influence how much heat you use when you straighten your hair. With some straighteners, you don’t have a choice – they only offer one heat setting.

However, most of Evalectric’s hair straighteners are different. They come with an adjustable temperature dial, providing a temperature range so that you can pick the perfect amount of heat for your hair. The range itself varies depending on the hair straightener. However, most start at 140ºF while offering a maximum temperature of 450-500ºF. This means that whether your hair is thin, thick, or somewhere in between, you’ll be able to straighten it to perfection without having to worry about causing damage due to excess heat exposure.

Far Infrared Technology

Heat damage is one of the biggest concerns when using a hair straightener. For a professional stylist, causing heat damage to their clients is the last thing that they want to do. As a result, they seek out styling tools that help to prevent this, which is why far infrared technology is so popular.

When a hair straightener incorporates far infrared technology in the way that many Evalectric models do, the heat that’s emitted from the tool is much gentler. However, it penetrates the hair more deeply and evenly. This allows you to straighten your hair much faster and more efficiently without causing the appearance of heat damage.

Negative Ion Technology

Negative ion technology is something else that stylists keep an eye out for when adding new styling tools to their arsenal. It works by sealing the hair cuticles that it comes into contact with. 

This is beneficial for two main reasons. Firstly, it helps with moisture retention. Use a hair straightener with negative ion technology and your hair will look much more hydrated than if you were to use one without. 

This then has the effect of reducing the look of frizz and static. Your hair will look much shinier and glossier once you’re done styling.

Almost all of Evalectric’s hair straighteners come with negative ion technology. You’ll be able to benefit from this tech no matter which model you choose!

Dual Voltage For Easy Traveling

Some stylists are frequent travelers, heading all over the world to work with different clients. As you can imagine, they need their styling tools to work no matter which country they’re in. 

The fact that Evalectric’s hair straighteners are dual voltage is a big bonus for traveling stylists. This essentially means that they can be safely used in both America and Europe.

Gorgeous Aesthetics


Last but not least, let’s talk aesthetics. Sure, when it comes to hair straighteners, the most important thing to keep in mind is how they work, along with the features we’ve mentioned above.

However, it never hurts to have a hair straightener that looks good too! This is where Evalectric shines once again. From the Sweet N’ Flower Professional 1.25 with its cute floral design to the intricate French Lace Classic Styler, you’ll find several stunning prints and colors to choose from. They make a great talking point when working with clients while also making you seem that much more chic!

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, a stylist needs hair straighteners that are efficient and versatile. This is exactly what Evalectric provides. The brand seems to have thought of everything with their range of flat irons, meaning that you won’t be disappointed with whichever you happen to pick!