I’m often a bit dubious when a skincare brand is surrounded by lots of hype, as has been the case lately with Bionyx. I first heard about the brand via social media and have since discovered that it’s used by a few of my friends. They raved about the brand’s platinum-infused products, with precious metals in skincare becoming a popular trend in recent years. 

However, a little digging taught me that Bionyx was way ahead of the curve. The brand has actually been around for about ten years now and has championed the benefits of colloidal platinum right from the start. Intrigued, I decided to jump onto the bandwagon to see for myself what Bionyx products have to offer. Here are my honest thoughts on the three products that I purchased:

The Bionyx BioLift Platinum Deep Wrinkle Concentrate


I’m obsessed with serums and I’m also a little paranoid about the fine lines around my eyes and mouth, so I couldn’t resist trying the BioLift Platinum Deep Wrinkle Concentrate from Bionyx. This serum is infused with several noteworthy ingredients that tackle the appearance of aging, including plant proteins and vitamins A, C, and E. It contains sodium hyaluronate too, which is revered for how it hydrates the skin.

My Thoughts

Thanks to its incredibly silky texture, this serum felt impressive before I had even used it for the first time. It’s lightweight but still has some substance to it – it isn’t watery in the way that many serums can be.

After my first use, I loved it even more because of how it immediately plumped up my complexion. I have combination skin and the skin around my mouth can be quite dry, but this serum had it looking dewy and glowy.

One month later and it has definitely worked some magic on the lines around my mouth. Since I started using several Bionyx products at the same time, I concentrated each one on a certain area of my skin. This was so that I could accurately judge how well each one worked. And this serum works wonders. The lines look lighter and less obvious, with the skin around them taking on a smoother and firmer finish.

So far, there haven’t been any downsides to this product. Instead, it’s one that I will most likely purchase again in the future!

The Bionyx Platinum Transformative Cream


Bionyx has a few different moisturizers available, but it was the Platinum Transformative Cream that really appealed to me. Why? Because of its unique ingredient list, which should, in theory, give it some amazing multi-tasking abilities. For example, licorice root extract is meant to lighten the look of discoloration, witch hazel extract is known for how it makes the pores look smaller, and lactic acid hydrates and exfoliates at the same time. It contains peptides, sodium hyaluronate, and vitamins too, along with colloidal platinum – a truly outstanding roster!

My Thoughts

This moisturizer has quite a lightweight yet velvety texture to it. Its consistency felt great for my oily areas. However, I was initially doubtful about whether it would be able to adequately moisturize my drier patches.

In the end, I needn’t have worried. On the oily parts of my skin, it provided weightless hydration. My skin felt moisturized but, when I touched it, it didn’t feel greasy or sticky in any way. My dry areas drank this cream up and so I gave them an extra dollop, which left them perfectly moisturized. They immediately felt softer and smoother, and also lost the ‘cracked’ look that they were starting to develop.

Although I used this cream on my cheeks to test out its efficacy on dry skin, my forehead was my main focus. I had a couple of sun spots that were appearing above my eyebrow, along with some faint fine lines.

I’ve now used this cream for a month and my forehead looks so much better. Sure, the lines are still there, although slightly less visible. However, where this product really shines is in how it has managed to lighten the look of my discoloration. Those two visible sun spots can’t be seen anymore! I’m also pretty sure that regularly using this cream will help to prevent new ones from appearing.

The Rhodium Advanced Eye Cream

Rhodium Eye Cream

The final Bionyx product that I tried was the Rhodium Advanced Eye Cream. It contains apple fiber as a main ingredient, which is one that I’ve never used before. Research taught me that it’s a humectant, meaning super hydrating, while also being a good one for keeping the skin barrier feeling supported. In this eye cream, it’s combined with a few other noteworthy botanicals, including aloe vera, common purslane, and Indian chrysanthemum. 

My Thoughts

The main reason I purchased this eye cream was to help with the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. They’re a common occurrence for me because of regular late nights at work. I also have the beginnings of crow’s feet forming around my eyes and was hoping that this eye cream would make those creases look less noticeable too.

To my delight, it did! It has left my entire eye area looking tighter and bouncier, with those lines being barely visible.

Even better, it has helped in a huge way with the look of puffiness and dark circles too. It seems to work overnight – I apply it after a late night, when I would usually wake up with dark puffy shadows under my eyes the next day, and the morning sees me sporting a smooth and bright complexion. I do sometimes forget to use it after a very late night, yet I still don’t see the same level of puffiness that I used to, so it clearly has a long-term effect too.

Final Thoughts on Bionyx Skincare

Now that I’ve tried a few Bionyx products, I can completely understand what all of the hype is about. It’s well-deserved, with these clever, cutting-edge formulas capable of helping so many people achieve their skin goals. It’s certainly done that for me, which is why I’ll soon be browsing the Bionyx online shop once again to add even more of their platinum-infused products to my skincare routine.