With sunnier days and higher temperatures, you might have noticed that your hair tends to be oilier than usual. This is not a surprise, since warmer weather and humidity can cause increased production of sebum on your scalp, which then moves down your hair and gives that greasy appearance we all dread. Here are some things you can do to keep your scalp oils in check.

Wash Your Hair Less Frequently
Even though it might be tempting to combat oily scalp by washing your hair more often, this will actually exacerbate sebum production and reduce moisture levels. Even though it might take a couple of weeks for your hair to adapt to new conditions, breaking the habit of over-washing your hair will have amazing results in the long run.

Go Easy With the Products
If you tend to use a lot of leave-in conditioners and oils, you might be contributing to greasiness of your scalp due to build-up of product. If you simply cannot go without your conditioner, make sure to use a small amount and apply it only to the ends of your hair. Whatever products you use in the shower, it’s important that your thoroughly rinse them before stepping out of the bathroom.

Use Dry Shampoo
There is one secret weapon you can use on the days when your hair feels extra-greasy. Simply brush your hair, divide it into section and spritz dry shampoo on any problematic areas, keeping the bottle a couple of inches away from your roots. Spread the product using your fingers or brush and you’re good to go!