Our scalp produces oil to keep hair moisturized naturally. This is essential for good hair health. However, some people have oilier hair compared to others. Oily hair may feel heavy and is not nice to look at. Here are some effective tips I’ve gathered for those of you finding ways to get rid of oily hair:

  • Have a regular hair washing routine. By this, I mean having a regimen and sticking to it religiously. If you wash your hair every other day or after every two days, then so be it. This allows your scalp to have its own balance. Shampooing your hair daily isn’t really advised, so every other day would do.

oily hair

  • If you feel as if you have really oily hair and that shampooing daily is a must, then do so. But remember to use a small amount of shampoo and concentrate on your scalp—gently massaging as you go. Let the residual shampoo take away as much oil as it can. Don’t use too much shampoo because this makes your scalp go on overdrive to produce even more oil. Gradually progress to every other day hair washing since this is much healthier. Allow your hair to adjust for about a week to two weeks.
  • You can ditch using the conditioner especially if you’re washing only a few times a week. Your natural scalp oils would be enough and skimping on the conditioner will contribute to that desired less greasy feel.
  • Use clear shampoos and try not to use creamy and ultra-moisturizing ones. Clear shampoos work better in fighting the oil production of your scalp and can leave your hair feeling clean and light after every wash.

oily hair

  • Consider investing on dry shampoo. If you feel the need to “wash” everyday, then dry shampoo is the way to go. This will absorb the grease and make your hair smell fresh while lending it a non-greasy look.
  • Avoid combing and touching your hair too much. This stimulates oil production and would contribute to a greasier look on your tresses.
  • Have a healthy diet! Proteins, enough water, and vitamins from fruits and veggies can all make your hair much healthier.


Follow these tips and you’ll have shine-free hair sooner!