I have always wanted long, luscious locks that shine with health but for some reason, I always end up chopping of inches off my hair. Then I have to wait several months for it to grow just an inch. It really is quite frustrating to wait for hair to grow and all the hair growth shampoos and serums in the world don’t seem to help at all. In my quest to grow my hair faster and stronger, I have chanced upon this inversion method for hair growth and was I ever intrigued.

Inversion Method for Hair Growth – Is it Safe 2

What Is It?

The inversion method for hair growth is simple because it involves massaging your hair and scalp since this is supposed to stimulate hair growth. Once you are done massaging your scalp with oil, the next step is to invert your head for maybe 5-10 minutes so that the blood rushes to your head and stimulates hair growth even more. Some people who are advocates of this insist that you can grow up to an inch of hair in just a week.

Inversion Method for Hair Growth – Is it Safe

Is It Safe?

I checked out a video of this right after I read the basics and while I would love to give it a try right there and then, I did have my doubts. I mean, just the thought of hanging my head like that for 4 minutes was enough to make me feel dizzy. So I researched on its safety and what I found out is worth keeping in mind. For one, this hair growth method was tested on rats and not humans so results are somewhat not guaranteed. Second issue is that turning the head upside down reverses the blood flow and increases the pressure which means this might not be safe for those that suffer from blood pressure problems or glaucoma. Pregnant women are also advised to stay away from inversions. For those that are fit and healthy though, this is worth a try. Personally, I will try it for a week and ditch it in case nothing happens. I can afford to be patient and wait for my hair to grow anyway.