When I see people who suffer from hyperacidity, there is a very big chance that they would say yes when I ask them if they have been under a lot of stress lately or have been practicing unhealthy habits. You may dismiss hyperacidity as a minor issue, but its long term effects can be very harmful, especially to your digestive tract.

Lifestyle Changes that Deal with Hyperacidity

Here are a few lifestyle changes that you can try to lessen those episodes of hyperacidity:

  • Eat smaller portions at regular intervals. It is quite normal for people who have hectic schedules to skip meals, and then make up for it by eating a lot the next time they hear their stomach growl. This is one common cause of hyperacidity. Instead of skipping meals, try to put something into your stomach no matter how small the portion may be. You can even put some crackers in your purse if you know it’s going to be a long day.
    Reduce drinking and smoking. Alcohol and smoking are very common for people under stress, but it can be very harmful to your stomach, too. These two cause acids to rise, hurting you more than you know it. Try to find other ways to deal with stress. You can try yoga or other forms of meditation.

reduce stress and hyperacidity

  • Avoid acidic food. If you know that you have been having hyperacidity more often than usual, avoid eating food that contains acids. Lemon juice, tamarind, and other sour food should be among the first ones to go.
  • Avoid spicy food. Spicy food is also a common culprit for hyperacidity. If you love spicy food but have been experiencing hyperacidity on a regular basis, then it’s probably time to draw your attention to less spicy options.
  • Have a regular sleeping pattern. Again, irregular sleeping patterns are also one of the repercussions of stress. However, this is also a common agent that brings hyperacidity into your system. Try to slow down a bit and establish a more regular sleeping pattern.

With these lifestyle changes, you can definitely start saying goodbye to those stomach pains brought about by hyperacidity, and start waving hello to a healthier life.