There’s no better season than the summer to try something new and refreshing with your hair. The sun is shining, the beach is waiting, and your hair is just dying for a new look! Try one of these trendy cuts and really immerse yourself in the sunny vibes of the summer!

Constance Zimmer with a banged bob

Helga Esteb /

The Banged Bob
Constance Zimmer is rocking a fierce shoulder-length bob with thin, straight bangs in this summer’s surprise Lifetime hit UnREAL. It’s sophisticated and no-nonsense (just like her character!) and I absolutely adore it. Michelle Williams has also stepped out with a stylish shoulder length bob, but with longer, windswept bangs and it looks equally as lovely! If you’re looking for something on the shorter end, but you’re not quite daring enough for a pixie, this is definitely the look for you this season.

Scarlett Johnsson with pixie cut

Tinseltown /

The Pixie Cut
Speaking of the pixie, if you really want to try something new, just say goodbye to all those locks and opt for this fashionable cut. Short, thinly trimmed bangs will keep you cool all season long, or longer, cheekbone-skimming bangs will look just as chic. It may seem like you don’t have many styling options with so little hair, but you can either go boyish by gelling short bangs straight down, ultra-feminine with a sweet headband or tied bandana, or super edgy by slicking back the bangs and giving them some volume. Look to Lily Collins, Miley Cyrus, or Scarlett Johansson for some inspiration, and have some fun without the weight of all that hair!

Emma Stone with loose waves

Jaguar PS /

Loose Wavy Locks
Nothing looks better on the beach than some perfectly tousled loose waves. As Emma Stone has shown, the collarbone is a great length to hit, or if you’re really loving some long locks, go all out and go as long as you can! For summer, I say the messier the better—there’s no need to spend your time trying to get perfectly polished waves when you can be out enjoying the sun! Take a cue from Chrissy Teigen and Solange Knowles and let your natural waves or curls have their day (or season)!