So your best friend/sister/cousin is pregnant and everyone including your dog is ready to party! Now that it’s time to celebrate, let’s take a look at different ideas for a baby shower. Aside from the usual gifting, baby showers were traditionally meant to welcome the family’s first child. However, these days it’s an excuse to indulge our girlfriends and moms-to-be to a royal treat. Check out our top 3 ideas:

Spa Break
With the introduction of group buying vouchers and other beauty services, a discounted spa treatment is every girl’s daydream! Take your bevy of beauties to a spa day and include massages, manicures, and pedicures. The icing on this cake? A sweet treat to top off a relaxing day!

Food Trails
Pregnant ladies are famously finicky with meals. This is the time to explore food hotspots in your local area. Indulge your senses and whet your appetites with comfort food, delectable treats and a tipple on behalf of the mom-to-be. Mark a map of must-eats (desserts ought to be the main course, imo), fork out for a chauffeured vehicle and be on your merry way!

Weekend Getaway
Instead of throwing a party at home, and having to clean up after, why not spend a relaxing weekend with the ladies at a resort? Book a suite, complete with room service and chinwag for all the latest juice. And when all the girls are up-to-date, sit back and chill with the telly or just bask in the sun. Either way, it’s a win-win situation!