Tips for Avoiding Work Weight Gain

Having an 8-5 desk job can have an impact on how you look! I believe in the saying “health is wealth” and despite the difficulties posed by today’s working environment, you can still try and be healthy while at work. Gaining weight is one of the most common problems that people experience when they have desk jobs and here are some effective tips I’ve heard from my friends and some which I have tried for myself:

Drinking water instead of soda or sweetened drinks

Water has zero calories—great, right? Not only does water make you feel fuller, it also helps keep your entire system hydrated. Having enough water in your system also makes your digestive system function better. When you are feeling hungry, have a drink and you’ll feel those pangs of hunger staved off for a few more hours.

Take it easy on those Friday nights out

Those week enders at the nearest pub can take a toll on your tummy! Go easy on the beer and all the other drinks and food you choose to splurge on to celebrate the coming of the weekend.

Choose your snacks wisely

Instead of having a jar of candies or chocolates to snack on, try some more wholesome options such as granola bars or trail mix. These can keep you full without taking a toll on your weight.

Get moving

Every once in a while walk around the office and do some stretching. Staying idle contributes to a store of fats that remain unused in your system. Burn off as much as you can. You can even have some chair exercises which help give you a light workout right where you’re seated!

Pack a healthy lunch

Instead of ordering some takeout from the nearest fast food, opt for a meal you’ve prepared from home. You will not only save money, you’ll also be more sure that what you’re eating is healthy and not laden with fats and oils.

I’ve seen these tricks work for me and my friends. With a little diligence and positive habit formation, I’m sure that you too can avoid weight gain despite having to sit in front of your desk all day!