We are all guilty of emotional eating at some point; the boss is being a jerk, the work is piling up, and things at home aren’t going too great. As a response, we reach for the chips, Twinkies, or chocolates to help us deal with our issues. This is called emotional eating and not only is it bad for your health but it can also lead to weight gain.

3 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating

This is not a good thing and you really need to look for better ways to relax and treat yourself so you do not reach for the food when the going gets tough. We have compiled several easy ways to help you deal with emotional eating.

Watch who you eat with – We all know that what we eat matters but what we didn’t know was that who we ate with mattered as well. If you are the type of person that gets easily swayed by your friends when they tell you to enjoy that cheesecake because it will not kill you, then learn to say “no.” Your friends do not mean bad but they do not realize that they are pressuring you to emotionally eat.

Reach for the healthy stuff – If you are feeling a little bit stressed and you find yourself reaching for the sweet, sugary, and unhealthy snack, try to reach for something healthy instead. For instance, a nice mandarin orange is sweet enough to satisfy your cravings but it is low in calories and fat. As a bonus, mandarin oranges are rich in vitamin C and other good-for-you vitamins and minerals.

See red – Colors affect our moods and our appetites so next time you feel the need to binge after a bad day at work or at home, try to eat with a red plate. Red sends a strong signal to the brain to “stop eating!” Another way you can use red is to stick a lot of red stickers to your fridge.

3 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is something that you can prevent. Try these tips at home or at work and watch as your urge to emotionally eat vanishes!