There’s been a gaining interest regarding health topics in recent times. With our sedentary lifestyles and daily responsibilities, it can be difficult to strike a healthy balance between regular exercise and proper eating habits. Certain diet plans began to steal the spotlight, some which are outrageous, such as the ‘water diet’. While detox is a good way to rid your body of accumulated junk, there’s talk about ‘negative calories’. In this article, we will debunk some myths behind negative calories.

Do Negative Calories Even Exist?
Citrus products such as grapefruits, lemons, and oranges have been styled as foods with ‘negative calories’. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as foods with negative calories. The same goes for celery, which has also been falsely dubbed as a ‘negative calorie’ food.

Woman eating celery

What’s Up With Calories?
First off, it’s not a bad word. Every kind of consumable has a certain amount of calories. It’s what your body needs to burn for energy. Without calories, your body and organs are unable to function. What is important is the intake of calories. Find out your recommended intake from a physician or nutritionist and prepare your meals accordingly.

A Little More About Calories
Start by eating smaller meals. A smaller amount of food will allow your body to digest food properly. Try to avoid processed foods as much as possible (though dark chocolate is good for you!). Aim to have a large portion of fresh produce such as fruits, nuts, and vegetables. These food groups contain essential vitamins and nutrients.