Getting the munchies during a midday slump? Lacking energy to hit the gym? Instead of reaching for that bag of potato chips, we have a list of healthier options for you. Read on to find out how to whip up 5 easy high-protein snacks:

Greek Yogurt, Trail Nuts and Organic Honey Drizzle
A large dollop of thick and creamy Greek yogurt with a generous serving of trail nuts. Low-fat, low calorie and high in protein, it’s a perfect snack for a mid-morning booster. For a little sweetness, drizzle some organic honey.

Mackerel Chunks and Cream Crackers
Fish contains high protein and is easy to digest. Easy to prep, grab a can of mackerel chunks in tomato sauce. Over a medium flame, stir in a couple of red peppers, shallots and basil leaves for a more flavourful dish. Best served warm with cream crackers.

granola bars

Granola Bars
Who knew rolled oats could taste so good? Throw in some nuts, maple syrup, coconut flakes along with some toasted rolled oats. Stir well in a mixing bowl and square it flat in a pan for refrigeration. Once it is set, cut into bite-sized chunks to whet that appetite.

PB and Celery
With a distinctive juicy bite and crunch, fresh celery is an instant hit with veggie lovers. Creamy peanut butter is an unlikely but flawless companion to bite-sized celery cuts.

Chocolate Milk
Don’t be mistaken, chocolate milk isn’t just for kids! Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, chocolate milk is a good source of protein, and especially suitable as a post-workout snack.