In a world of convenience, it’s possible to grab food at pretty much every corner – but how many of these quick and easy options are good for your health and the environment? Even though organizing a healthy, environmentally friendly lunch pack sounds like it would require a lot of advanced planning, you’d be surprised how easy it actually is. Once you figure out a set up that works for you, we guarantee that you will never look back.

Reusable Container
Ditching individually wrapped products and investing in a reusable container should be the first step towards building an eco-friendly lunch box. There is no shortage of cool and convenient designs when it comes to lunch containers, so you will definitely find one that suits your taste and needs. Don’t forget reusable utensils, too!

Your Own Water Bottle
The same concept should apply to any liquids you might want to have with your lunch, since plastic bottles and juice boxes are major contributors to pollution of our oceans. Luckily, these days you can find a variety of refillable water bottles that you can always have by your side to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Smart Food Choices
When it comes to actual food in your container, look into ingredients that have their own “natural” wrapping. Fruit like bananas, oranges and tangerines are super-convenient, not to mention great for the environment and your overall health. You can also pack DIY snacks, entirely depending on what you like: energy-boosting almonds, carrot sticks or sultanas are exceptionally nutritional and easy to eat on the go.