Incorporating exercise into our daily routine is well-advised. Not only is it beneficial for our physique, it is also proven to improve our memory, increase mental fortitude, and helps to boost our overall immunity. This is especially true for pregnant ladies. Though it may be less convenient to perform certain work-outs, there is no excuse to stop exercising. In fact, moms-to-be are encouraged to maintain a regular workout routine throughout their pregnancy. Read on for 3 exercises suitable for pregnant women:

Prenatal Yoga Practice
Far from just flexibility and suppleness, a yoga practice is beneficial for all. With the instruction and guidance of a certified instructor, pregnant women can practice prenatal yoga poses safely. Instructors are also able to guide proper breathing practices to help prepare moms for the birthing process.

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Brisk Walking
The benefits of brisk walking are aplenty. Particularly beneficial for pregnant ladies, brisk walking helps to promote blood circulation, increase oxygen levels and tones muscles. It also helps to burn calories, to help prevent excess weight gain.

Though it takes a little bit more courage, swimming is often considered an ideal workout for pregnant women. As it is a low-impact sport, pregnant women will have less stress during their time in a pool. While afloat in a body of water, moms-to-be have a lesser degree of back stress for a short period of time each day. It also helps to strengthen the heart, making it more efficient to pump blood. Practice simple breaststrokes or water aerobics to get a full body workout.