Many skincare brands have made a name for themselves by using unusual ingredients, and Lionesse is one of them. The brand infuses gemstone powders into its products, with each collection featuring a different gemstone.

With gemstones not often seen in the skincare sphere, it’s easy to understand why some people may think that this is nothing but a clever marketing ploy. At the same time, reviews rave about these products, with before and after photos showing some truly impressive results.

To find out whether or not Lionesse products are worth splurging on, I took a closer look at how the brand uses its chosen gemstones. I also examined the effects that these unique ingredients have on the skin. Keep reading to find out what I learned!


Pearl Collection

While some of Lionesse’s gemstone choices are more obscure, pearls have been used for cosmetic purposes for centuries. There are even quite a few scientific studies out there that confirm the variety of benefits that pearl powder has on the skin.

With pearl powder being an antioxidant that also works to even out the skin tone and keep the skin feeling strong and flexible, it’s easy to see why Lionesse features the ingredient in their collection of skincare essentials; the White Pearl Collection. From a cleanser and a toner to a vitamin C serum and various moisturizers, this collection has everything that you would need to put together a comprehensive skincare routine.


Amber Collection

Just like pearl, amber is known for its antioxidant properties. My research taught me that it’s a great ingredient to use if you have mature skin. It can help with the appearance of everything from wrinkles to dark spots. This makes the ingredient a useful addition to a skincare routine.

The Lionesse Amber Collection, which focuses on the eye area, makes use of amber powder, combining it with several other science-backed ingredients. The Amber Eye Serum, for example, is brimming with peptides, sodium hyaluronate, and multiple botanical extracts. These ingredients accentuate the visible effects that amber provides. This is likely why people have seen such great results from these products.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx Collection

While there’s plenty of research available for most of Lionesse’s chosen gemstones, there isn’t much information to be found on the skin benefits of black onyx powder. With that said, some experts have noticed that it could help to reduce the appearance of inflammation while leaving the skin looking stronger, and that’s pretty much what Lionesse’s Black Onyx Collection promises to do too.

The products in this collection are undeniably impressive. However, this is partly down to the other ingredients that have been included in these formulas. You’ll find a rich blend of vitamins and antioxidants in the Black Onyx Mask, while the Black Onyx Cream contains several uncommon botanical extracts.


Morganite Collection

Morganite is a gemstone that people turn to when they want to feel calmer and less stressed. Turns out, the gemstone in powder form can have the same effect on the complexion. It soothes and softens the look of the skin while also helping to alleviate the appearance of acne.

The Lionesse Morganite Collection is all about keeping the skin feeling relaxed and balanced. The Morganite Transforming Serum is particularly highly rated on social media. It contains several potent actives that, when combined, quickly leave the skin looking brighter and healthier while feeling silky soft.

Golden Sapphire


Golden sapphires are pretty rare but are gemstones that many enjoy wearing due to how they symbolize power and grace. When it comes to the skin, sapphire powder has a crystalline structure that dramatically reflects light. This immediately gives the skin a radiant glow in a way that other ingredients struggle to do.

Sapphire powder can also help to rebalance the skin tone, which the Lionesse Golden Sapphire Collection highlights. Take the Golden Sapphire Cream as an example. In addition to sapphire powder, it also boasts licorice root extract, green tea extract, and multiple peptides. They’ll all work together to lighten the look of dark spots and brighten the overall complexion. This makes this cream a very clever way to treat the skin to the powers of this gemstone.


Diamond Collection

Just about everyone will be familiar with the diamond – after all, it’s a girl’s best friend! While many dream of adorning their bodies with diamond jewelry, Lionesse’s Diamond Lift Collection takes things a step further with its diamond-infused skincare products.

Unlike some of the other gemstones used by the brand, diamonds, as rare as they may be, are becoming an increasingly popular skincare ingredient. Diamond powder can dramatically rejuvenate the complexion. It fades the visibility of dark marks and scars, smooths away the appearance of wrinkles, and gives the skin a glow. Again, the other ingredients in the Diamond Lift Collection do the same. This makes the collection a potential game-changer for people struggling with a dull and aging complexion.



Opal is believed to provide support and balance to the mind, and the Lionesse Opal Collection does the same for the complexion. It’s all about helping the skin to feel replenished and fortified. This makes it ideal for anyone with skin that could do with a pick-me-up. 

While all of the products in this collection have five-star ratings, the Opal Sheer Melting Mask is particularly intriguing. This leave-on mask literally melts into the skin. Once there, it saturates with a long list of superfood plant extracts and precious gemstones.

The Verdict on Lionesse Skincare

While the gemstones used in Lionesse skincare products are undoubtedly attention-grabbing, there’s a lot more to them than simply being a marketing gimmick. These gemstones have been used for beautifying purposes for centuries, and science is now beginning to catch up. Studies are now emerging that point to the various benefits that these stones have. More research still needs to be done but there’s no getting away from the fact that Lionesse really seems to be on to something here. The brand’s clever strategy of combining rare, skin-loving gemstone powders with cutting-edge skincare ingredients results in products that are more than capable of delivering on their promises.